NEW eco tote bags on sale!!

NEW eco tote bags on sale!!
30 September, 2010 Chocolate Creative

Hello dear all, things have been quite hectic in London and my studio, making, designing visiting shows etc…Things are getting back to normal, The London Design Festival is finished and I am back in my studio, preparing for my next show, just a quick post to let you know about the NEW tote bags which are now available in my shop, they are made of organic cotton and are prefect to carry around that extra shopping. I will be adding new designs soon, I hope you like them!!

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  1. Nathen 14 years ago

    Looking very stylish. I think these are the most demand full Tote Bags for today's market.

  2. Si! En Amsterdam también hicieron esa feria, creo que era la misma :s per no estoy segura 🙂 ¿te fue bien? ¿que tal Londres hoy? besitos mil!

  3. Lynne 14 years ago

    Just saw your cushion in November's Homes and Antiques! Exciting!

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