26 April, 2013 Chocolate Creative
Time to make decisions, I have finally got the fabrics printed, and I am very pleased with most of the colours. Trying to get the exact tonnes you want and see on the screen is almost impossible, specially when printing digitally. So I have to do a lot of testing and sampling until I am happy with the designs. This is a very expensive and slow process, but I am hoping to have them ready in about a month. I will be making cushions and tea towels out of these geometric houses design, to go with the English Romantic collection and colour wooden hooks, I think the B&W fabric goes perfectly with the new neon colours, which are in stock in my shop

I like the mix of the geometric, with the old fashion flower stitch and the landscapes. Below some colours I have to decide on, your help and feedback is always super welcome, so please help me to decide on colours!! 

I am making purses, pouches and bags out of the fabrics too, not being very successull so far. I am more of a designer than a seamstress, but I will get there. I am trying different sizes, models and fabrics, I wish  my mother was here to help me on this new prototypes, she is the one with the knowledge, I offered her a ticket to fly to London, but she doesn’t seem to be willing to come over here just yet…haha, can’t wait until June when I will be going home and will bring her back with me. 

Photos and designs copyright chocolate creative

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  1. You are simply brilliant my dear! I just adore these patterns.
    Love your blog as well and following on bloglovin to keep up with your great talent 🙂


  2. Bellísima si te pasas por deandarporcasas hay una cosita para ti desde tu islita. Besos y hasta prontito.

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