13 December, 2012 Chocolate Creative
I finally have a new bathroom, and it didn’t take long…
I wanted to change it about 6 years ago, 
I started to look for the pieces and buy the things back in June,
7 days of hard work, strangers in my house, dust and mess,
Not much money left in the back account
After paying a huge bill I still have to paint the walls myself…
BUT I have the so much wanted NEW BATHROOM. The problem is that I don’t want to use it, I keep looking at it, cleaning it, polishing the bloody slate, and simply admiring where all my money has gone…still have an issue with the water pressure (boiler will be changed when more money come my way), but of course Missi doesn’t seem to have any problems testing the waters. He was the first one to jump in, well I assume it was him, because I didn’t see him and because those are clearly not my footprints. 
Jokes apart, I am truly happy with it, I had my first hot bath and almost cried haha…would I choose slate again?? ummm not sure, I will tell you in a few years, you have to get a very experienced fitter to fit the stones without breaking the edges, (mine were good but still managed to crack some of it). Would I have spot lights? YES but you still need some stronger lighting near the mirror area. White tiles, yes and yes, I like the clean and fresh look, a bit dark? don’t think so, feels clean and smart. Final conclusion, it is worth the money, waiting time, and hard work, now I will save to do the Kitchen, maybe in 2025?

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  1. congratulations on your new bathroom. it really looks beautiful, and I think you'll love it for years

  2. Well done – it's lovely. The slate looks very luxurious!

  3. Lynne 12 years ago

    Lovely – can't wait to see it!

  4. Precioso Marga, me encatan los detalles pequeños, como las griferías que has escogido para la ducha o el toallero eléctrico, que aquí no tendría mucho sentido pero que yo pondría por no aguantar los 3 meses justos de frío que tenemos…..

    Disfrútalo mucho….

  5. It looks fabulous – enjoy!

  6. Thanks girls, I am enjoying it way too much haha..had a bath last night and felt like in heaven!

  7. How wonderful Margarita and perfect for Christmas! Your taste is very similar to our shower room-I love the dark tiles! Have a wonderful Christmas lovely and do join the new google + group for Interiors my friend set up (even though it has my face on it!!0 I will mail the PR companies as well!) Hugs xx

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