My work space…

My work space…
16 April, 2010 Chocolate Creative
This is my work space here in Gran Canaria, doesn’t matter where I am, I have this need of surrounding myself with the things I like and inspire me. The big painting is mine, the others are pieces from different artists and friends, my much loved apple, a black lamp from Ikea, my collection of AD magazines, and plenty of light…
Este es mi espacio de trabajo, en Gran Canaria, siempre he tenido la necesidad de rodearme de cosas que me gustan e inspiran, sino, no me siento cómoda y no puedo concentrarme. El cuadro grande es mio, los otros son de diferentes artistas y amigos-as. La lámpara es de Ikea, mi collectión de AD, mi querido compañero y amigo, apple, mi planta, y muchísima luz…

This art piece is by my friend Mari Carmen Calvento

This is by Jose Naranjo

This cute cards were made by my friend’s little boy called Paulo, he gave it to me as a Birthday’s present, are they not cute??
Photos by Chocolate Creative

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  1. Amelia 14 years ago

    absolutely lovely present! Am inspired.

    Wish I was in Gran Canaria with you too 🙂



  2. 🙂 Me gusta como respira!

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