13 February, 2014 Chocolate Creative

I have been self-employed for many years, doing graphics and later on setting up and running chocolate creative. When you work for yourself is advisable to possess some skills that would help in your entrepreneurial journey, some of them are: determination, self discipline, focus, a lot of patience, believe in yourself, passion, and so on…but equally important, is to have a place dedicated to your daily activities, specially if you work from home, that is why I consider myself very lucky to have a decent space where to work. It is not as big as I wish it to be, but has got plenty of light, it is warm, clean and cosy. It has not always been the case. I started from a desk in my rented bedroom many many years ago, then rented a studio space that had a toilet that remind me of the one in the movie ‘Trainspotting’ and in the last 7 years I had worked from this house, most of the time from my own crowded room, as I needed to rent the second bedroom to manage the bills.

I am still in London because I don’t have to commute every day, otherwise I would have gone long time ago to my dear Gran Canaria. I like the flexibility and commodities of working from my own home, but sometimes I miss human company!! Missi, the cat, is all I have for company these days, don’t get me wrong I love him way too much…but some feedback and interaction with other people would be very welcome too haha…

I wanted to show you a bit of my space, the stock room is not a room, it is in fact the whole house, you can find cushion’s paddings in the living room, plus boxes, fabrics and so on in my bedroom, corridor, etc…The business is growing and I would need a bigger space where to work from. I would love somewhere in Peckham, near my house, where I can finally put everything in ONE ROOM, get messy with inks, printing, etc…
I am working on some new ideas, but all I have done so far are drawings, think of colours and waste some very valuable time waiting for the big inspiration that would tell me how to put together all these visions, drawings, colours, etc…and make it work into products and collections. Oh well, if you soon see some new products being released, it is because I have finally got my act together and made it happen!!
I just wanted to send you lots of positive energy to all of you, in whatever you do, not job is perfect, or workplace, but we somehow make it work and are grateful for what we have. NICE SUNNY DAY!!
Photos by Piero Pierini

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