My LOVE for all vintage…

My LOVE for all vintage…
14 March, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Nice weekend? I hope so, weather is improving, flowers, trees changing…I feel so much more energetic…Winter has been hard, I know it is a beautiful season, but I don’t cope well with cold weather and short grey days…after all I was born in a sunny island.
I Love vintage toys and furniture, and for a while have been meaning to ask Kate to bring these gorgeous toys and chairs, all the way from Norwich to London so I could use them in the photo shoot of the children’s cushion collection. And here there are!!! Thanks Kate for lending them for the photos, I am very happy with the result, they complement the cushions designs very well and make great photos. Kate and me love going to second hand and antiques shops to look for bargains and gems to bring home, Norwich wait for me I am coming soon…

(Photos by Piero Pierini)

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  1. Sorry for not emailing you – our expat party is a virtual linky party on Saturday. See details here:

    Love those pillows, BTW 🙂 XoL

  2. Lynne 13 years ago

    Wow, nice styling!

  3. Love these, is it OK to post these images with credit?

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