MY LONDON – Le Chandelier tea room

MY LONDON – Le Chandelier tea room
8 August, 2009 Chocolate Creative

My friend Vini seating in a confortable leather chair and our tea and coffe!!

(Photos Chocolate Creative)

Looking for somewhere special to have some tea and a nice piece of cake? Well I found mine!! Le Chandelier in Lorship Lane, about 25 minutes walking trip from my house, so I hope to get there more often, specially since they open late on Saturdays!! 

It is an amazing place, (before becoming the Tea room, this place used to be an antique shop, I was lucky enough to get my beautiful Guild Mirror from there before it closed down). It is a very special place, full of antiques, chandeliers, impressive mirrors, etc…But if you were to venture to the end of the corridor and go upstairs, it is like being all the sudden in Morocco but with a French twist. chandeliers, surrounding by stucco painted walls and cosy sofas and moroccan coffee tables. 
Le Chandelier can be booked for private parties, and I have been thinking for sometime to organise a London bloggers tea afternoon, so I think I have found the perfect venue, all I need now is time, and people to attend the event, any takers?
Well, if you are looking for me you know where to find me!!
Si estan buscando un sitio para tomar el té, les recomiendo Le chandelier tea room, un sitio fantástico, en el Sur de Londres, con magnificos chandeliers, antiguedades y hasta un espacio ambientado al estilo marroquí, pero con un twist Francés. Toda una experiencia!!

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  1. Great pics, will have to visit there! have a great Sunday x

  2. Wow! Where is that place?!! We are definitely going there when I visit. xx

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