8 August, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I just came back from a lovely early afternoon in my local area, It is a gorgeous sunny day, not very common in this city, so has to make the most of it!! My friend Vini and me went to East Dulwich, South East London, for a stroll and something to eat. We first went to a few vintage shops, stopped for coffee at The Chandelier tea room, bought a delicious pork sandwich from a stall and sat outside the East Dulwich Tavern Pub for a cold drink. EDT is a very old pub with a very personal style, good for a beer, some good music, gather with your friends, etc…I have never been a big fun of English Traditional Pubs, specially since I don’t drink alcohol, but there is been a trend for a quite a few years of redecorating this old spaces and converting them in a more relax and friendly pubs. What I find interesting in here is the decoration, they have made it such an atmospheric place, full of odd paintings, lights, mix-match furniture and floor tiling, I love the corner with the blue lamp and the old painting, as well as the flower shade lamp and the girl painting on the wall. You would expect them to go for a more modern style but to the contrary is like going back in time…I tell you there are some great places in London!!

Acabo de volver de pasar una tarde muy agradable con mi amigo Vini, paseamos por East Dulwich, (Sur Este de Londres), fuimos de tiendas, paramos para un cafe y terminamos comiendo un bocadillo de cerdo en este pub, EDT.  Me encanta la decoracion, es muy teatral y acogedora.  Ultimamente esta viendo una tendencia a reedecorar pubs y bares de una forma muy especial, casi como volviendo al pasado, con mucho caracter!! Londres esta lleno de sitios como este, adoro esta cuidad!! 

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