My inspiration and new colors

My inspiration and new colors
19 January, 2011 Chocolate Creative

All started here…when mixing inks for a new color range or looking for inspiration, I tend to go around the house, or out and about in search for a color combination that catch my eye. It could be a flower, a vase. a print, a dress, etc…below are some samples of what have inspired to come up with the wine/green colors for the chandelier design, available from my online shop.

Next step is to mix some inks that match what I have seen and like. Difficult task as sometimes I don’t get it right straight away. You see, I don’t tend to measure the pigments and binder so I get different results every time I mix inks for the same color, resulting in a few headaches and sometimes happy mistakes!

Above is an image showing the different tones of green I get, I print till I get the exact color I want. This stage is quite fun, I get to experiment and play around with different fabrics, designs and colors.

This retro scandinavian pot I found in a second hand shop in Norwich, has been one of the main sources of inspiration for this colors, I LOVE it.

And the final result, the cushion already made and styled!!

I have spent a few hours taken these photos in the living room, I could spend days styling the products or just things around the house. I am not a good photographer, but my new cannon camera is a great help, plus a bit of sun that decided to come out for me this morning.
Love this movie, so my friend, who works at the cinema gave the original poster, plus the dried flowers, the colors are amazing!

(Photos by chocolate creative)

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  1. He reencontrado tu blog a través de ministeryofdeco, yo seguía tu trabajo hace cosa de un año a modo de lectora, y estoy realmente contenta de poder visitarte de nuevo.
    Un saludo.

  2. Ms M 13 years ago

    Very Pretty..thanks for the info!

  3. que cosas más maravillosas hacéis. No os conocía hasta hoy y me he llevado una MUY grata sorpresa.

  4. Geri 13 years ago

    Hola Margarita! … so this is it! … We are now back in London! … it will be so nice to meet up! … So let me know if you are up for it some time next week! xxx

  5. Diane 13 years ago

    Margua, I remember when you started this blog! Still look in from time to time. I love your photos of your home and your fantastic style.

    I was amongst your first comments too!!

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