My home in Etsy Finds Decor column

My home in Etsy Finds Decor column
8 November, 2009 Chocolate Creative

I always check the ‘Etsy Finds Decor column’ in Etsy blog, as part of my search for inspiration which never ends…It is very interesting to see the houses of some of the designers on etsy, most of the time their homes are an extension of their craft, and in this occasion it is my home that is being featured in this space. Christine runs this great column, she has got a great eye for finding wonderful things in Etsy and I am impressed with the selection she has chosen to go with my home style, just as if I would have chosen them myself…I could not have done any better.

Etsy keeps surprising me all the time, and the talented people that is out there even more!!

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  1. Hannah 15 years ago

    oh MY! I absolutely love your style, and it was so nice to see on etsy. I am a little obsessed with the black & white Wallpaper* poster you have of the furniture drawings. Would you tell me where you got it? I've been a little crazy about finding it, and I can't anywhere!

    Love the blog 🙂


  2. Amelia 15 years ago

    Oh lovely! Well done you, such style!

    I will go and have a proper look. Glad you were feeling inspired by my writings too!

    Speak soon,


  3. it was meant to be… gx

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