Moving to Hastings

Moving to Hastings
2 August, 2016 Chocolate Creative

I moved to London 19 years ago, and I have been living in the South East of the city for over 15 years. I am happy here, but more and more I feel the need for a change, new adventures and places to see and experience. Perhaps, I am not ready to go back to Spain yet, so moving elsewhere in the country, preferably by the coast could be an option. I am nervous about leaving the city, but at the same time, I need some proper fresh air, to be nearer nature, open spaces and the Sea.

I first went to Hastings 10 years ago with my family on a little holidays day trip, it was boiling hot and sunny. I remember having fish and chips by the beach and feeling as if we were the only Spanish people in town. Over the years I have been going for day trips and staying with friends, but it is being only lately that I have felt like this part of East Sussex could be my next home.

Hasting beach new pier english seaside coast uk
I enjoy the long walk that connects both towns, on a sunny day it is perfection, on a windy/rainy one is a bit of a hell. The new pier, perfect stop for a view of the coastline, coffee and rest. Betty the dog (belongs to my friend Leah), she is my new super cute friend, she loves playing with my trainers, eating treats and resting on my lap,  if I could I would have a dog, another few cats, and maybe a rabbit too…
rescued dog
Below, St. Leonards Gardens; despite the many times I have visited Hastings, I never made it to this area, but last week I had the opportunity to walk and get to know the place better. I LOVE around here, a flat in Maze Hill, Dane Rd, Gensing Gardens, would be very good thank you very
St. Leonards Gardens
St Leonard's Gardens - Parks & Gardens UK

Because dreaming doesn’t cost money, and it is my favorite hobby. I have put together a mood board to help me visualise my future home. My budget is very small, and although prices in Hastings are nothing like in London, they are going up very very quickly. A couple of years ago, I could have afforded a gorgeous flat, (I was not ready to move), but now I will be lucky if I manage to get a little decent 1 bedroom somewhere…

I am tempted to get a ready to move in place, or a bigger place that needs lots of work, money, time and energy that I don’t have right now. In any case, I keep dreaming ans searching…I picture myself living in a simple white flat, I hope warm and comfortable too.

dining table hay chairs wooden knobsArt prints and bespoke handles – chocolate creative | Dining Table – another country | Chairs – Hay/ Clippins | Bespoke handles – chocolate creative | wall tiles – Mandarin stone
 english architecture brick house

There is a gorgeous 1 bedroom flat in this building (top picture), ready to move in, love the area, but it is too small for Missi and I, plus I would need some extra space for family and friends visits. (below pictures) the different architecture you can find in the old Town of Hastings.

old town in hastings
old town in hastings houses The process of moving out of London has started in my mind, I can see it more and more as a real possibility. I still hesitate whether or not I should go back to Spain for good, or stay in the UK, if so, where? Is Hastings/St. Leonards the best option? Would I be able to afford a decent place to call home? Would I feel very lonely, leaving behind many friends and the big smoke? Time will tell…wish me luck!

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