More great words and cute drawings

More great words and cute drawings
5 May, 2010 Chocolate Creative

Just what I need it to hear today, sometimes it is a bit difficult to stay motivated and focussed on your goals, they seem so far away…So this cute drawings by Corduroy has just help me to come back from my clouds and remind me that everything is possible if I really want it and work hard to get it!!
Hoy he estado un poco distraída, pensativa, cansada, Estos dibujos de Cordury me han ayudado ha volver a la realidad, estaba en las nubes…

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  1. I love the encouragement in the wording and the sequence! I had an instant -'Yay, I can totally do it' moment. thanks for posting!

  2. aww, i love these drawings 🙂
    such lovely encouragement!

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