30 October, 2014 Chocolate Creative

I guess one of the reasons why I am still living in London, despite having to pay so much money for housing, transport, bills, etc…is the fact that I can visit shops such as Mint, and attend interesting exhibitions and events, pretty much all year around. Last September, as part of the London Design Festival, Mint’s team curated a show called “Elements of Craft”, possibly one of the best I have seen so far in the shop, and focusing on the influence of craft in design. Where else could you see such a variety of work, coming from different designers, disciplines and countries, (oh yeah apart of the trade shows and many showrooms gathered around the city), but the space is so beautiful in itself, that makes the whole experience very special.

Lina Kanafani has got a very well trained eye when it comes to spotting new emerging designers, and putting together pieces that otherwise would look uneasy, such a mix of materials, shapes and colours, my breath was taken away by it all. I really enjoyed the work, the clever and innovative use of materials thrown in together, to produce unique pieces, oh yeah sure they cost a fortune, but that is what you pay for a handmade piece of work!!!

As my mother always says, how can you have such an expensive taste coming from such a modest background, and I always say to her, mama, appreciation for beauty and talent doesn’t come from money it comes from the heart!!

Photos by Inge Clemente and me

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