Meeting new creative friends

Meeting new creative friends
28 October, 2012 Chocolate Creative

Hello all, How is it being? I just got back from Gran Canaria, where we had 28C degrees so I am adapting to the UK’s weather, telling my body and mind that it is ok to be in shock and that it would be ok not to see the SUN for a long time…Thank god I am way too busy to think about it, or the fact that I won’t see Gassy and my mother for another 2 months, but hey, my life and business are currently in London and this is where I have to be for the time being.

While back in GC I had the opportunity to meet some new people who either were designers or bloggers. This has been a very nice discovery, as up to now I didn’t know anyone back home that was doing similar things to me or were designers, etc…I have to thank Lucia from the deandarporcasas blog for organising the event at mavuelas, a beautiful new shop, for putting me in touch with such a nice bunch of people and for opening my eyes to a lot of ideas and possibilities. Las month I was considering opening my own shop in London, but after much consideration I opted for not going ahead, as I felt I wanted to start spending more time back in GC and develop the business from there. I don’t know what life will bring me in the next few years all I know is that I will try to listen to my heart and follow my intuition.

So nice meeting you all, Cristina, Maria, Arian, Carmen, Beatriz, Elena, Mirian, etc…
see you in January and carry on designing and making beautiful things!

1 Cristina from entre2, 2 Elena and Alvaro from hados, 3 Maria and Cristina from in a cloud

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  1. Gracias a ti Marga por acudir. Fue una tarde magnífica y aprendimos muchas cosas de ti. Ya estamos deseando repetir en enero. Besos y hasta muy pronto.

  2. ese suelo no puede ser Londres….

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