MAY, save your date for the next events

MAY, save your date for the next events
28 April, 2011 Chocolate Creative

Sun is out and we are heading into a busy May, full of events all over the city. I wish I could attend most of them, but being realistic I know that time will only allow for a few, so I will make my priorities and make my way to my ‘must’ go list!!

7-8 May I have got my invite for the Cavaliero Finn Spring Show, held in a beautiful elegant house in Herne Hill. The show is part of the Dulwich Festival, and will have on displayed work from different artists and designers, so I will join Debra and Julianna in their opening night to enjoy this year’s well curated selection of work!!
7-8 May Same time happening the Dulwich festival, (more information in a separate post).
11 -14 may Spirit of Summer fair, organised by House & Garden.
19-22 May Made in Clerkenwell at Craft central, not to be missed if you are looking for unique well designed and crafted products, chocolate creative will be there.
26 May ‘Swish for Victory’, a clothes swap event in support of Women’s Aid. Tickets are being sold to raise funds and there will also be a raffle, (I will be donating a product for the occasion) on the night to raise further money for the charity. Swish for Victory is being held at The ACE Centre, Nelson, Lancashire.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this sometimes things like this I seem to find out about after the events :(. Hope you had a great Easter

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