Mark Borthwick and his dreamy photos

Mark Borthwick and his dreamy photos
23 June, 2010 Chocolate Creative
I love learning about new things, artists, their lives and work, etc…this morning reading an article in the ELLE magazine, I fall in love with the photos, so went ahead and looked for more information about the photographer who took them, and is how I learned about Mark Borthwick, the photographer behind this dreamy photos and his life with this family in this beautiful house in Brooklyn. More info about him here.
Me encanta descubrir cosa nuevas, sobre todo de artistas, sus vidas y trabajo. Esta mañana, leyendo un artículo sobre AMOR en la revista ELLE, me enamoré de las las fotos que lo ilustraban, así que quise saber más sobre el fotógrafo que había sacado esas fotos tan bonitas que en seguida me transportaron de mi cotidinanidad a un sueño de Verano…es así como descubrí a Mark Borthwick y su porfolio de imágenes tan sencillas pero embelecadoras.

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  1. mark is one of our favourite photographers – we love his dreamy images with light leaks and faded colours. If you like his work you should check out his book "not in fashion" – it's a beautiful book.
    we love the look of his place in new york too – it's one of our favourites …. those floor to ceiling windows and all those lovely plants!

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