The Make Lounge…

The Make Lounge…
10 June, 2009 Chocolate Creative

The Make Lounge offers contemporary craft workshops with a stylish, social twist – perfect for embracing the ‘make do and mend’ ethic in a fashionable way!

What a brilliant idea!! it reminds me when I was a child and used to gather on the street with a group of neighbors, we used to seat by someone’s house and knit, crochet, etc…like my mother used to do back in La Palma, a group of women from the village gatherer to do the embroidered table cloths and other textiles that they will later take with them as wife into their marriage lifes.

This workshops are based in North London, in Angel area, they offer a wide range of activities such as: food crafts, jewellery, sewing and textiles, crochet and knitting, etc…visit their website for more information and get making your own goods!!

I love the funky design of their website!!

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  1. Rachel 15 years ago

    hmmm, my first time to hear about it! it sounds like a wonderful sight…i'm off to check:)

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