Loving white porcelain and ceramics…

Loving white porcelain and ceramics…
27 January, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Did I say I like white porcelain and ceramics already?? These pieces below are my favorites, I would love to own them all, but come on, lets be realist, I may be able to get only one of these pieces if…I like investing in designers/makers’s work, and grow my small collection of much loved things in my home.

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  1. Geri 13 years ago

    Marga! … te escribo mañana! consultaré con Nathalie a ver si puede quedar el domingo 🙂


  2. Amelia 13 years ago

    I absolutely adore white porcelain works and have bought some of that air drying white clay from cass arts and have begun to make some little things!

    Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine 🙂


  3. Que preciosidad las piñas!!!! y los animalitos en la maleta….. me encanta este post!!!

    feliz fin de semana!!!

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