LOVE the greatest gift of life…

LOVE the greatest gift of life…
8 January, 2010 Chocolate Creative
This wonderful photos from Whitney and Jesse, the team behind ‘Our Labor of love’ has inspired so much that I am determined to find my LOVE this year!! They capture very well what love means and all the intimate moments in a very original way. I have spent the past hour browsing their website, admiring all the details in this photos, people’s expressions, gestures of love, friendship and admiration for each other, the wonderful places and details of each wedding and celebration…This is just my personal choice from their gallery, my favorite, this Indian wedding that happened over 3 days…So magical!!

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  1. Wow, that indian wedding is amazing! There is so much that goes into that celebration. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the Indian wedding too – wonderful! Let it be the year, no, decade, of LOVE!

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