LOU ROTA – Recycling chic

LOU ROTA – Recycling chic
14 March, 2009 Chocolate Creative
I have mentioned Lou Rota’s work before, when I was talking about Notonthehighstreet website. I went to Liberty today, and found her work in the store, (my favorite shop ever). I could have posted here the whole collection!!! I love it all…



Reflecting her passion for the natural world and deep-seated recycling ethic, Lou’s eclectic range uses collage and decoupage and both homemade and vintage decals to transform unloved objects into highly desirable home-wares.

Whether it’s vintage bone china or a battered French desk, a salvaged polypropylene stacking chair or a 1960s mirror, each of her witty transformations is unique… Stag beetles march across a faded chintz tea plate… Jaded chairs are overgrown with roses, nettles and thorns… Translucent black butterflies flit over foxed glass…

Visit her online shop at notonthehighstreet. 

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  1. Nice Article. Keep it up. But I think this is copy of your topic recycling process

  2. Anonymous 15 years ago

    I love all of Lou Rota's work, and think they are very creative. I plan to do a project like one of her chairs for my design technology coursework, and was wondering if anyone could help explain how she does it..?!

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