Living a simple life under the blue sky

Living a simple life under the blue sky
22 March, 2012 Chocolate Creative
A wish? to wake up every day of the rest of my life under the blue sky…I am back in Gran Canaria, for a few weeks, having a break from the big city, working only the necessary, and spending time with my mum and boyfriend. Another wish? to be able to spend more time with him in his beautiful and quite town, and work on his house. They say ‘be careful what you wish for. You might get it’…
This island is full of wonders and history, and the fact that I have spent so many years abroad make me appreciate it more and more. Because he leaves so far away form me and the rest of the towns in the island, we have to drive around it to get to his town, (the road is a pain), but I get to see the coast, the fishing villages, the mountains, etc…it has hardly rain, so the landscape looks very dry and brown, but I like it, it feels almost like the moon. 

This is his house, I call it ‘la casita azul’, which he has built himself, it is not finish yet, so much to be done and add to this very simple and rustic house, but I can see its potential, and I am sure with some money, plenty of love and attention it will look gorgeous.

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  1. Hazel 12 years ago

    It looks idyllic.
    Fingers crossed for your dream coming true!

  2. El entorno es maravilloso, así que carga las pilas…. y la casa, pues que te voy a decir? ese tipo de construcciones sin pretensiones, sencillas…. me encantan… es lo que pega con el sitio donde está….

  3. Qué gusto estar en casa, ¿verdad? Que disfrutes tus vacaciones!

  4. Looks beautiful Marga gxx

  5. How gorgeous is that place! Lucky you XXX

  6. Acabo de descubrirte y me encanta tu blog y tu trabajo!!!
    Visita el lunes mi blog, hay sorpresa 😉

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