22 January, 2013 Chocolate Creative
Hola hola, still reporting from Gran Canaria, trying to stay focus and working as much as I can before escaping to the beach. I can’t afford to have 5 weeks holidays, umm why not? after all I am my own boss, but NO I can’t specially because I am my own boss. Since I started chocolate creative I have never worked so hard, and so many hours, but I don’t mind since the rewards are so many. One of them is seeing the products being featured in the press, in some of the best magazines, I Love Nuevo Estilo, it keeps evolving and becoming one of my favorites Spanish titles.  

My dear Living etc…what would I do without you?? love it, love it, 
thanks for featuring the English Romantic cushions.
Period Living, well done, what a nice selection of products and layout, 
can you spot the Red lake cushion?

Thanks Kate from the fabric of my life blog, for featuring the wooden hooks.
Just discovered this very nice blog, from Helen, we both appear in this book about designers in London, together with many many other talented creative people. Love how she has done the post.

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  1. Enhorabuena!!! Tú ya debes estar acostumbrada, pero si yo viera algo mio en una de esas revistas me caigo para atrás. Te lo mereces!!!

  2. haha no caerme no me caigo, pero me hace muchisima ilusion, y siempre lo hara.

  3. you are every where! welcome back to the chilly UK, see you soon v x

  4. Cuanto me alegro. El trabajo bueno siempre tiene su recompensa!

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