Last minute shooping

Last minute shooping
15 December, 2011 Chocolate Creative

I am off to send a parcel to my family in Germany (already late) and do a last shopping round for mum, boyfriend and friends back in Spain. You would think I would have done it yet, specially since I have been in so many fairs and markets lately. But when you are exhibiting on your own, there is little chance of wondering around.

I am afraid that the last day for shipment outside the UK is gone, all I can do is to extend the day to the 20th for the UK only.  Take advantage of a 10% discount I am offering in my shop. All you have to do is to enter the code: 10PERCENTOFF. 
I am flying home on the 22, very excited to be with my loved ones, maybe one day I will have them all in the same place, so I can hug my mum when fancy, play with my nieces, catch with my sister and brother and have a romantic dinner with my boyfriend, without having to fly all over Europe…Sorry I just got a bit nostalgic, it must be Christmas!

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  1. Me encantan, ¿¿las vendes tú??? son una pasada

    un abrazo!!

  2. Mireia 12 years ago

    Disfruta de la familia en España y coge muchas energías para el próximo año.
    Yo vuelvo a Barcelona también el 22 y estoy deseando abrazar a mi familia.
    Feliz navidad y a seguir haciendo post tan bonitos!

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