Jamesplumb studio

Jamesplumb studio
19 November, 2009 Chocolate Creative
I met the lovely Hanna and James, the duo behind the creative studio JamesPlumb back in September at the TENT event. It has taken me a few month to post about their work and others that I will be showing here on the next few weeks. I have to say that they blow my mind with their work, and stand. This photos are good but don’t do justice to their work, seeing it in person is quite an experience. JamesPlumb, is about working with the overlooked and discarded, taking time worn antiques and cast-offs to produce on-off assemblages, luminaires, and interiors.
Their most recent work can be viewed by appointment at their studio!! I share with them my passion for old things, recycling and bringing to life old loved object and giving them a new meaning and place in this contemporary world we live in…
{Enjoy this magnificent work of imagination}

Sampson: This light can not get any cuter, different elements brought together to create
a completely new product…

How clever this is?? Mr Fletcher, discarded old dolls legs
resting inside an old lace lampshade…

I really like the new use they have given to this silk screens…

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  1. Yolksy 15 years ago

    Oh I'm in love! The lamp shades are amazing, the ceiling detail is stunning, and I am obsessed with that little pigeion light! Love how they used it!

  2. They're completely fantastic aren't they! The lampshades especially- it reminds me of 'Faust' at Battersea Arts Centre – Marga are they the same people who did the ballroom at the end?

  3. That is a beautiful recycled use of silk screens!

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