It’s been a while…

It’s been a while…
27 July, 2010 Chocolate Creative

Hello, I am back, it has been a couple of weeks since I got back from my holidays in Prague, a very interesting, beautiful city which gave me a lot of inspiration for the new collection I am working on. chocolatecreative has been taken all my time lately. First of all, I was one of the 2 lucky people to have won a free consultant session on my business with Grace from DesignSponge, I could not believe my luck when she emailed me to let me know. She has started the new Design*Sponge Consulting Sessions, aimed to help business to grown in the right direction. She has helped greatly by identifying my business strengths/weakness and by creating and action plan that I am working on. At the same time I am seeing a business mentor from Craft Central who is great in helping me with the numbers/cash flow, etc…that I don’t necessary understand and want to do…all I want to do is create, draw, print, etc…

I am planning a few changes for this blog, up to now it has been mainly about textiles, craft, interiors, designers, makers, inspiration, but hardly about my own work or creative process, from now on I will be posting more about the process that goes on behind my designs, where I get the inspiration from, things that go wrong, unexpected successes, etc…For some reason I has always been very private about my creative process, but I hope to overcome the fear of showing what I am working on, and many other things that inspire my work.

As well as all of this, chocolaetcreative has been nominated by some of our readers for the best UK design blogs to win the Design Democracy Awards 2010 in conjunction with the London Design Festival, (thanks to the people who nominated this blog). The winners will be the official team of bloggers for the London Design Festival (18-26 September 2010). Since I love blogging and reading/browsing other’s people blogs/opinions/life style, etc…this means a lot to me, as we, ordinary people get to have a voice and report on the hottest event in the city. This is one of favorites thing to do, (I still have to post about New Designers 2010) For your chance to vote your favorite UK blogger visit

I will be taking a break from blogging, I am taking some time off, to work on new designs and products, but before I go I will post about the talents I met at the Degree Shows and New Designers.

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  1. Bueno muchas felicidades! parece que las vacaciones han dado un pequeño vuelco en tu vida… Ahora diseña diseña, que tengo ganas de ver tus nuevs diseños…


  2. *b* 14 years ago

    Very exciting times! Congratulations on winning the Design Sponge consultancy, what a wonderful opportunity.

  3. Pues no creo que las cosas sean blanco o negro… creo que hay que perseguir los sueños y que para poder conseguirlos hay que trabajar! nadie dijo que fuera fácil… pero mira lo que haces!!! Es increríble!!!! No lo dejes… o por lo menos yo no lo haría…

    Mucho ánimo!!! y mil besitos!!!

  4. Congrats on the good news:-) Love your blog btw

  5. Ms M 14 years ago

    Congratulations! Thats amazing!

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