It’s been a long time..

It’s been a long time..
23 January, 2009 Chocolate Creative

Crikey, how time flies. I decided to take a break from blogging over Christmas and here we are at the end of jan, with not a word uttered on the blog..disgraceful!
I wanted to share a few links to cute baby clothes as this is my main obsession at the moment.So…introducing Ella, the snottiest baby in the East, my beautiful 8 month old bubba. She has a better wardrobe than me but that doesn’t stop her covering herself in puree before midday.

A favourite is H&M which has some cheap and cheerful goodies, including the new season’s clashing orange and pink thick striped baggy trews and tops.
The romper suit below is by Katvig, a well known Danish brand, which has some super-duper bold prints including apples, stripes and stars. All very practical to hide the grub and in lovely retro colours. A bit more pricey than H&M, but with really distinctive designs and not available on every highstreet, it’s worth a few more pennies.
Whilst I’m on the subject, Green Baby is worth a mention, the only place I can buy it nearby is in Coccolino on Upper St Giles (Norwich) otherwise it’s online and currently has a 50% off sale.

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