INTRODUCING the new CASAS design

INTRODUCING the new CASAS design
29 June, 2013 Chocolate Creative

Hello all, how are things? I hope well, and enjoying the weekend, good at this end. I am back in London, happy to be at home, working from my studio, with Missi beside me, (I have missed him so much), and mum downstairs watching Spanish TV. Sun decided to come out and we have almost recovered from the long trip and cleaning the house.

I am happy to introduce the NEW casas tea towels, they are hand printed on Union linen, and come in 3 different colours, black, fluro pink and olive green. The design is inspired on my drawings of the old houses back home and the hydraulic tiles. I am launching them in TENT LONDON, this September, but since the stock is ready I have uploaded them to the online shop.

I am very happy with the photos, Piero and I took before I went to Gran Canaria. We did so much in 1 day, but managed to get some good shoots. Well I hope you like them, different colours to recreate different looks, black for a more minimalist look, or green and pink for a rustic and retro look, or simply mix and match. They are the perfect touch to update the kitchen!

Images Piero Pierini 

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