A few corners of my house

A few corners of my house
29 July, 2009 Chocolate Creative
A few favorite corners and things in my house, enjoy.

I love collecting cups and saucers, but have to be careful my house is getting a bit crowded…

My favorite old country farm table, found in a junk place in Peckham, and some of my prints on the wall, I made them a couple of years ago, and I am hoping to do some new work soon…

Old plant pots I got in Norwich, a vintage coffee pot…

My reading corner by the window

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  1. you have a lovely home, really love the images, thanks for sharing. i love teacups too!

  2. Thanks Abigail,
    I love working in the house I am always buying new little things and playing around with them it is like a doll house but a real big one!!

  3. Edward 15 years ago

    I like the little collectables you have especially the two wooden feet (shoes?) and the vintage toy car.

  4. Your home is darling, thanks for sharing!

  5. Your home is lovely, calm and peaceful.

  6. You home is beautiful..! So serene… The furniture, and the white slipcovers, and the pillows…And the color on the walls – just perfect! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hijiri 15 years ago

    WOW, I looooooove your home!!! so pretty, love all your art work around the house!! and the pillows, too, of course! very nice.

  8. I love the print/poster behind the vintage coffee pot. Where is it from?

  9. That poster was a limited edition that Wallpaper magazine gave away a few years back, I don't think they are around anymore!!

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