8 August, 2014 Chocolate Creative
Hello everybody, another week has gone by and we continue to have what seems to be, one of the best Summers in London in a long time…so not complaining!!  I have been wanted to show you the instalation called “As above, so below” of landscape designer Daniel Lobb for the Siobhan Davies Studios, where I go for my pilates classes with Laura Guarnera, (I totally recommend her classes).

Daniel Lobb creates a large-scale installation and internal water cycle which extracts the humidity generated from the sweat and breath of dancers in the Studios to sustain plant colonies within a suspended copper rill. Demonstrating that there are many ways to grow plants indoors, Lobb aims to match the ingenuity of plant systems, opening up new possibilities.

I have totally fallen in love with his work, so delicate and unusual, he has inspired me to grow my indoor plants collection, and play with the idea of hanging and using them in different ways, my problem is that I am not good with plants, the poor things give up on me very quickly…but I will keep trying. His work is worth seeing, and if you fancy some dance or pilates, Siobhan Davies is the place to go, it is amazing there. 

Photos by me and Gorminator

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