12 April, 2013 Chocolate Creative
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Posting from my new imac 27″, it can’t get any better than this, worth the 2 days of data transfer from my old mac, hours on the phone with apple to set up the email account and software, etc…The new mac is a beast and a beauty. If I was already a bit of a workalcoholic, I sense I am now going to become a serious work person, if you want to see me, you may have to come home and pull me off my new friend. I wonder how I managed all this years working as a designer from a laptop? Oh well that was past, long life to my new computer!

Not all I do is at the computer, I draw, print, cut fabrics, sew, organise the studio, count stock, pack parcels, run to the post office, and a long etc…I leave you with some new drawing in B&W, geometric patterns and ideas, Nice weekend to all.

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  1. Que sepas que con esta entrada me has matado, directamente… me encanta esta moda selvática….

  2. jaja ya veo que nos gustan las mismas cosas, y yo pense que eran solo los gatos…

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