Inspiration from Fired Earth

Inspiration from Fired Earth
1 April, 2012 Chocolate Creative
I have been waiting for the good weather to arrive to start redecorating my room and studio/office, plus restoring/painting some old pieces of furniture I recently found, but since the weather is so erratic in London, (on Friday I as walking in a T-shirt and yesterday I was wearing my Winter coat, scarf and gloves again), I will start as soon as I get some spare time. Browsing Brightbazaar blog, I came across photos of one of my favorites paint/tiles UK based companies, Fired Earth. They always inspired me when thinking of colour scheme, although I don’t need much help as I know what I want, moody grey and blue/green for the walls, and darker grey and blue for the furniture. 

 Great styling, choice of furniture and wall paint.
 Fresh turquoise
 Tiles for my new future bathroom, when budget allows, soon I hope… 
Simply gorgeous, perfect grey and yellow combination, and what about the fifties lamp and chairs, 
can I have them please?
(photos by Fired Earth)

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  1. Hazel 12 years ago

    I'm getting decorating fever again… mu problem is that when the sunshines I want to be outside not inside painting and then when its cold I just want to sit and read in front of the fire. I do like the planning though 🙂
    I'm after a similar colour of the second picture for my dining room walls, with nothing but a huge gilt mirror hung in the middle *daydreams*

  2. The wall pain of the second picture is gorgeous!

  3. I meant paint

  4. I love that floor.. and the painting in the last photograph is gorgeous

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