I want one of this…

I want one of this…
11 September, 2011 Chocolate Creative

I have been saving for one of this string pocket shelving for a while, just need another £100 to go haha…I might have to wait another year…umm, I better hurry up as I would love to use it to decorate my next stand. Don’t know if to get a vintage one in 3 colors, red, yellow and blue, (which I recently saw in a big Victorian warehouse full of amazing furniture and all sort of objects, in Crystal palace), or a new one, the yellow is my favorite so far.

(photos string)

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  1. Yo no entiendo inglés, pero confieso que vengo y disfruto de lo que veo. Eso ya es suficiente.

  2. Love love love all of these pictures. String shelves are so neutral and yet so pretty! Some of my friends in Sweden have been lucky enough to find some of these in second hand shops. I'm not jealous… 🙂

  3. Love that all. yes you are right yellow look really awesome.I would like to buy it, thanks for share it.

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