13 November, 2012 Chocolate Creative
I met stylist Caroline from the Trend Daily blog while exhibiting last year at 100% design in London. Lost the business card she gave me and I couldn’t check her blog at the time, so I am glad to have met her again and again as I finally got to see her work and chat. I really like her photos and the way she put together everyday things, plants, seeds, dried leaves, vintage finds, etc…
She did Holly Becker’s e-course ‘Blogging Your Way’ and has since them made her blog into a visual on-line diary of anything that inspires her from around her house, tear sheets from magazines, pictures, food, etc…No bad photos for someone who took her old DSLR and self-taught how to use it. If you have enjoyed these photos, pop around her blog, the inspiration is endless. You can see the progression in her work, and how her style keep evolving and her photos get better and better, that is something I like about blogs, the same with mine or anyone else, sometimes I like looking back to what bloggers did post about it when they first started and how different they do things now. I like bloggers that create their own content, a good mix of unique personal photos with some other good general content, I get very easily bored of keep seeing the same images over and over again…

Love the desk by the window, that light coming through, and the flower arrangement. 
(Photos by The Trend Daily)

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  1. I love Caroline's work, she's such a talented lady!

  2. Margarita-thank you so,so much-you're the sweetest. I so appreciate it-really. And Igor-thank you!:-)) xx

  3. I've been following Caroline's work for the past year, and she's just getting better and better! definitely one to watch 🙂

  4. stunning images as always. Love Caroline's styling and photos 🙂

  5. mel 12 years ago

    Hi Margarita,

    I love stopping by and visiting Caroline's blog too! She's an inspiration with the way she styles and sources objects.


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