I GIGI super-stylish shop

I GIGI super-stylish shop
11 January, 2010 Chocolate Creative
There are some beautiful shops in London and around the UK, a dream (since I don’t drive in England) would be to rent a van and drive around the country visiting some of them. I GIGI the stylish homes, gifts and fashion boutique, in Hove, East Sussex would be one of my first stops. I really like the feel of the shop, natural materials, vintage finds, cotton and linens textiles, gorgeous ceramics and dresses…

…And if there wasn’t enough temptation browsing the shop, there is an organic cafe in the first floor, offering delicious cakes and other treats.

Beautiful wood floors, dark furniture and simple features…

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  1. Amazing! Didn't know about this place…look forward to visiting soon. Thanks for the post.

  2. I love places with SUPER rustic floors. Makes you never worry about hurting them. Thanks for sharing!


  3. That's like my DREAM shop. Thanks for the discovery!!

  4. Ellen 15 years ago

    Love the restraint shown in colors…smiles.

  5. I know, I so much want to visit I GIGI too!! need to save some money first haha…

  6. these are such beautiful images! so well done.

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