3 August, 2012 Chocolate Creative
I am setting a new challenge for myself and my blog, post more regularly and have new sections, as I post so random, that sometimes I lose track of things that really interest me and I want to write or tell about it, so I am hoping from now on to be more consistent with the blog content, wish me luck as I am a bit of a mess, as soon as I get super busy I forget about the blog, and then regret when I see it so lonely and empty…
Starting with the SHOP OF THE WEEK

The first instalment of PopUp@ opens in Greenwich to offer you a chance to purchase highlights from London’s creative studios.” A rare collaboration between London’s Award winning designers, craftsmen and creative studios opens shop for one month at 20 Nelson Road, Greenwich. Openinig times Mon – Saturday 12am-8pm and Sunday 12am – 6pm.

I am popping around next weekend to say hello to Sian, friends, and treat myself with something from the shop, have coffee and simply enjoy beautiful Greenwich, if you are around don’t miss it.

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  1. Lynne 12 years ago

    ha, me too 🙂 Except if I don't write a week's worth of blog posts all at once then I never get round to it…

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