I am having a creative crisis…

I am having a creative crisis…
29 August, 2010 Chocolate Creative

Sunday evening…and after many days and hours of work still haven’t decided on the exact designs to take into production. I am having a bit of a creative crisis at the moment. Well it is not so bad, I am very happy with the bone china I will be using for my ceramics collection, I met the supplier on Friday and they seem very nice and helpful, I was looking for very good quality china with nice shapes at the right price and have found it! I have decided as well which products to develop at this initial stage, it would be mugs and plates, and perhaps tea & sauces and cake stands.

The color range is black, yellow and pinks…I realised I like very simple designs, specially when it comes to table ware. I could create complex patterns and mix colors but don’t seem to like them so much, so have decide to do very simple products.

These are my first prototypes, plain white china, paper, a bit of glue, the printer…I welcome your opinions and comments, some feedback would be nice, what do you think so far?

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  1. they are going to be beautiful, i like then very much!


  2. I love these, both the black linear sketch feel, and the coloured baroque-type detail. And since I am obsessed with pink, I love it even more!

  3. Anonymous 14 years ago

    Nice Marga, the frame mug and chandelier one look excellent, I can't wait to see the finished pieces! Looking forward to Thursday, xxxxxxx K

  4. Hey Marga,
    Lovely new ideas! I think if you combined a block of colour such as the yellow and pink designs you show, with an overlay of one of the simple line drawings, the designs would stronger because of the contrast-worth a try! Keep experimenting, I know how it is to have a creative crisis! I'm having one right now over my paintings! and a looming deadline to submit them to a regional exhibition. xxxx

  5. Que preciosidad, vaya platos!!!! me chiflan!!!! ¿cómo estas? besitos mil

  6. Loving the mug with the frame!!!

  7. The black sketchy lines are very strong, I love those mugs just as they are.

  8. Thanks so much for your comments and opinion, they are of great help, it is very useful to have feedback from other people that are not involved in the creative process. Now I need to get on and finish the design, will keep you posted!
    So much appreciate!!

  9. Mira, estas CREANDO, nadie dijo que fuera fácil, pero tienes muchísimo gusto, haces cosas preciosas, y por lo que se ve en la foto amplias campos!!!! Que machine!!! 😉 Desde Madrid te envío un montón de energía positiva!!!

    Mis vacaciones fueron geniales, increíbles, fantásticas, quiero mássssss!!!! 🙂

    Mucho ánimo!!!!

    besitos mil :*

  10. Hi, Margarita, thanks so much for the visit on my blog! I'm pretty happy that you like it! 🙂

  11. I have to say – I really like these..especially the dish with the sofa… :))))))

  12. Amelia 14 years ago

    stunning simple lines – LOVE the b&w one and would love to buy some from you! What a fab idea . . .

    Good luck and I hope you get over your creative crisis 🙂


  13. I love the simplicity of these, the black and whites are gorgeous.

  14. Love them – especially the couch one and the yellow floral one. I think they'd be excellent as a mix and match of b&w and colour 🙂

  15. ¿qué tal van las creaciones? te echamos de menos! Vuelve!!!!!

  16. v 14 years ago

    these are great! love the plate

  17. HIlary 14 years ago

    I love the drawings. The mugs especially are my faves!

  18. vicky 14 years ago

    i think it looks very nice! i like it

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