15 September, 2012 Chocolate Creative
I am glad it is the weekend, the decision making process continues…I just had a very stressful week and I am looking forward to have some rest and social time with my friends. Yesterday I spent all day at my friend Bree’s wedding, love and romance makes me happy, and today spent the afternoon at the Renegade craft fair in London. I met some of my designers friends and got to see new designer’s work, bought some stuff and had a nice lunch by myself. The fair was busy and very warm, it was glorious and busy outside, and you could feel the buzz an heat indoors too. Have you been at renegade? I hope it becomes as big as it is in the States. People need to know about all this amazing designers and crafters out there.
 Above, 1 nice prints by hello dodo, 2 cute products and display by mrnico.
 Love the ice cream prints by Sean Mort.
 Entrance to the fair, plus leather goods by Love Jules leather.
 Making lounge, plus Folksy stand, the English equivalent to Etsy.
Friends Zeena (above) with her textiles, and Mary and James (below) stands at the fair, 
it is always so nice to see and chat to them. 

And gorgeous vintage paper woods by Ladybird likes

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  1. Lovely photos!! Thank you so much for featuring us, your blog is great! :o)

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