9 April, 2013 Chocolate Creative
This flat in Barcelona was renovated by Laura Bonell

I am obsessed with having a flat in Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria, and lately it has become quite a painful feeling, as I really want it. So in my spare time, that is not much this days, I search on Internet for the ideal one. You see, the ones I really like cost around £300.000/£500.000 or over, and we are talking about a run down building, but in the right location and with the right features. NO I don’t have the money to buy it yet, and if I ever manage it will be something on the region of £150.000/£200.000, but this doesn’t stop me to keep visualising and dreaming about it, isn’t? that is the beginning of things…

This old house was renovated and is now a gorgeous Bed & breakfast in Vegueta, Gran Canaria
Long time ago I started to plan in my head, how this potential flat will look like, and one thing that keeps coming back to me, is the gorgeous hydraulic floors that I have seen in so many gorgeous flats, back there, in Barcelona and in some of the Victorian/Edwardian houses in London, specially in their entrances. 
These ornamented encaustic tiles have been around since the Medieval times, so nothing new, but what is refreshing, is to see how people value the importance of keeping such a legacy and how to live with them in a contemporary space. These photos show stunning houses, some examples of fine old tiles and some new designs based on the traditional ones. 
What do you think, would you incorporate them in your interiors?

This amazing flat in Barcelona, belongs to my friend, Pilar, simply stunning

Casa Decor last year building 

Monochrome via Pinterest

Sorry, I don’t know the source of this image

Tiles by Fired Earth

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  1. absolutamente, nada puede gustarme más….. pero siempre que no desentone con la construcción que lo alberga, quiero decir que en mi casa estandar de nueva construcción no pega… pega en un piso/casa antigua o en una casa que te hagas a medida y pienses desde el principio en poner ese suelo…. yo en mi casa estoy harta del mármol (es feo, frío y absurdo), y me planteo cubrirlo con madera, otra cosa quedaría como un pegote…..

  2. Qué preciosidades de pavimento, la vivienda de Vegueta es espectacular. Me imagino que ya era pavimento existente no?

  3. Si eran las baldosas originales, y a cerca de si quedarian bien, yo creo que segun como se combinen hay algunas versiones de baldosas mas modernas que quedarian muy bien en un piso moderno.

  4. Este tipo de suelos me tiene enamoradita!!! Me encantan. I love it.

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