Human Nature Series by Debbie Carlos

Human Nature Series by Debbie Carlos
28 June, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Have I ever said in this blog that I am obsess with deer/stags/ciervos images? I think I am –looking for some images for inspiration I came across the fantastic work of photographer Debbie Carlos, I am most taken by these images of her project called ‘Human nature‘, that she took of animals being displayed at Museums. Come on, we all do take photos of this creatures when going to Museums, (I certainly do), but clearly mine has never looked this good. Somehow she has made them look as if they were still alive and she was witnessing them in their real natural environment, totally love her big format posters available at her etsy shop.

(Photos by Debbie Carlos)

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  1. Jessie 13 years ago

    I love these posters! It will look so chic in a modern black and white space! Thanks for following. Lovely blog by the way. I am following yours, too. 🙂


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