7 April, 2015 Chocolate Creative
Here are some snaps of my recent trip to Rye, very short and indeed cold visit to this little town in East Sussex. I love the English countryside, and discovering all these little towns and villages, they are very pretty and still maintain much of the character of the period when they were created. Rye is famous for its antiques shops, Tudor architecture and Nature reserve. I enjoyed the short visit, but I wish the weather would have been warmer and sunnier and that we had a few more days to explore the area. I liked getting lost in the narrow streets, admiring the old houses and little shops.
The highlight was the very windy and chilly walk in Rye harbour, and see this little pink and black shed in the middle of nowhere.
I am planning my next escape to the countryside…A good piece of advice, research well the trains, it took us a good 3 hours to get there from London, best way is to jump on the fast train from St Pancras, or travel from Victoria Station, oh, and don’t forget your scarf, hat, gloves and rain coat, you can never predict the English weather…
Photos by me | Rye

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  1. Unos paisajes y unas fotos bellísimas.

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