Helpful resources for designers/makers

Helpful resources for designers/makers
20 February, 2010 Chocolate Creative

What a week!! haven’t stopped and therefore haven’t been updating my beautiful blog… Last week I found some very useful and interesting links about promoting and running your own craft/handmade business, and wanted to share it with you. I learned about ‘The handmade marketplace’ book via Designsponge, it sounds very interesting and full of tips about how to run an online shop. Later on, I visit Decor 8 where I saw all this useful links, about how to stylist your photos and products photography. Plus the Etsy Success Reading list’ (This week’s best small business advice I’ve found this week from around the web) where I spent quite some time going through all the links, and last but not least ‘The power of positive thinking’ from Ozark in Etsy, which I have became addicted to haha…Enjoy!

Que semana!! No he parado, y por lo tanto he descuidado mi querido blog…La semana pasada encontré información muy interesante sobre como llevar tu negocio, especialmente orientados a tiendas en Internet, etc…Sigue los links de arriba para más información, se los recomiendo, yo he aprendido unas buenas cosas de todos ellos, disfruten!!

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