30 July, 2014 Chocolate Creative
Hello everybody, so far it continues to be hot and sunny in London, so all good, considering how bad our last Summer was. I am planning to get away at some point soon, I need to be by the seaside and get a break from work and London, as much as I enjoy my job and this city, I need to recharge batteries away from the big buzz…
A few weeks ago, I went to HEAL’s launch of their AW2014 designer’s pieces collections. It was a sunny and lovely day, so I was not in the mood for Winter colours or fabrics, etc…but for my surprise I was presented with a fresh and natural collection of furniture pieces, which included lots of light colour wood in the form of chairs, sofas and gorgeous tables, such as the JAC side table above by Gavin Coyle, together with very interesting lighting and accessories designs. I really enjoyed the different materials, and shapes, and most important the fact that these pieces didn’t fit a Winter trend as we will all expect. 
I am not into trends, or seasons, my work does’t reflect trends, but my own ideas and very personal taste, whether or not they fit into an specific trend is all together a different matter, of course we all look at the same things and end up getting inspired by what is around us.
That is why I found HEAL’s furniture preview very refreshing and in tune with nature and  craftsman-ship. They support somehow the work of designers, and that, I value very much, whether or not it is profitable for us, independent designers to to work alongside big stores, that I keep for myself…
Photos via HEAL’S

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