Have a nice Sunday evening…

Have a nice Sunday evening…
12 July, 2009 Chocolate Creative

What a great day!! I love being at home, working in my house and my textiles, (I have been printing some cushions), blogging about what I saw yesterday, cooking nice food, and now hoping to chill out!! I leave yo for the day with some pictures of my living room.

I got this deer ornament at a dealers shop in Camden Passage, (I will make a proper post about him soon) yesterday, I have been looking for something similar for ages, and could not believe my luck when I saw it. It complements the Cameos cushion very well!!

Have a great evening!!

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  1. Rachel 13 years ago

    it does perfectly complement your pillows:)

  2. It's a bit creepy above the child's dress! Kx

  3. French 13 years ago

    First time here. Really like your pillows;)

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