Harriot Smith gorgeous work

Harriot Smith gorgeous work
30 July, 2009 Chocolate Creative
When I saw Harriot’s work at the New Designers Show I was taken by its beauty and complexity. I think this is the most innovative piece of work I saw this year, the mix of ceramics, fabrics, knitting and her choice of colors, SUBLIME!! Needless to say the amount of work that goes in each piece. She has worked very hard and it shows!! Well done Harriot!! 

In her words…Inspired by teacups, the porcelain white structure and the floral, intricate edges inform the development of my knitted fabrics. Recycling teacups has become a strong element throughout my work, creating new forms and use for the ceramic material. The porcelain from teacups becomes a material in my collection, forming buttons, jewellery and collars to create a diverse collection of garments and accessories. Exploring Victorian period clothing introduces elements of shape, structure, fabrics and construction to create simple, elegant knitwear. Combining a variation of techniques, fine gauge, CAD and crochet creates depth and pattern within the collection. Alongside this I have developed great technical skills and created a range of interesting fabrics combining a variety of materials with my knitted fabrics.

I am a knitted textile designer who introduces new forms of material within my collections. Combining a variation of techniques from fine gauge to crochet I mix silk with lycra to create an interesting contrast of fibres. I love the richness and luxuriousness of silk with the contrast of lycra, a more substantional fibre that creates shape and structure. I like to focus on the details and finishings of my garments and accessories, as I feel this is an essential element to my work.

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  1. Sherri 15 years ago

    Oh my gosh, this is the most awesome jewelry EVER! Thanks so much for sharing. I would take this over a diamond necklace anyday!

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