Happy and relaxed weekend

Happy and relaxed weekend
10 March, 2012 Chocolate Creative

Hello friends, soon I will be going to Gran Canaria, for a few weeks, to have a break from this forever Winter, be with boyfriend and mum and enjoy the simple life. Sometimes I wonder why I am so tired, without realising I tend to do too much. I currently run chocolate creative, wearing many hats within the business, I am the delivery girl, assistant, designer, creative director, manager, stylist, maker, marketer/PR, administrative, book keeper, etc…(if you run your own small independent business, you know what I am talking about), plus I freelance for a company, where I am responsible for designing/producing 3 publications, and finally do some styling work when the opportunity comes along, and of course when time allows I have a personal life, that I have been neglecting way to much lately, including my well being.

It is good to be passionate about what you do, and work towards achieving your goals, but it is equally important to pay attention to your personal life, family, friends, pets, (my cat sometimes wonder if I am still the same person), and above all yourself and your own needs. I recently enjoyed reading a very good post that Grace from designsponge posted last week, that refers to saying NO, I strongly advice you to read it, as it is a very honest story about her own experiences, and gave me a good kick to start managing my work/life balance a lot better.

I leave you with these beautiful cabins, from the free cabin porn site, that my friend Nikola mentionned yesterday at the lovely dinner that Kate cooked for us at their colourful and cosy flat.

Happy free time and lets enjoy our weekend!

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  1. BT 12 years ago

    Amazing little cabin. Hope all goes well!

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