Hand-made Xmas decorations

Hand-made Xmas decorations
21 December, 2010 Chocolate Creative
It has been a while since I last blogged, but life has been very hectic in the past few weeks, specially back in London with chocolate creative. I am now happily writing from Gran Canaria, where weather is very pleasant and I have finally managed to have some relaxing time. I am so glad I decided to fly home so soon otherwise I would still be in the UK crying of desperation for not being able to fly home for Xmas.
Here are some late Xmas decorations that I made for my friend Gassy and his house, we went around and collected some old wood and plants, got a few cheap bubbles and made this very simple Xmas tree and decorations.

I LOVE Xmas, decorating the house and making the decorations, I hardly had any time left in London to do the house up, but still managed to decorate it nicely, (no time to take photos). Now is my mum’s house turn, we are gathering this afternoon to decorate the house, will take photos and post tomorrow. What about you? Do you like making the decorations yourself? What style have you gone for? please leave a comment with a link where I can see your Xmas decorations!!

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  1. These are gorgeous! I love to do the homemade decoration thing but, unfortunately, haven't been so good about using natural elements this year which is what I generally aim to do. Hopefully next year I'll take some inspiration from these ideas and bring the outdoors in. Happy Holidays and happy decorating!

  2. beautiful decor

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