21 March, 2013 Chocolate Creative
I mentioned Hados before, when I was talking about the designers I met back in my island. I have the fortune of meeting Elena among the other creative’s in one of our networking events. I instantly clicked with her, she is a very nice, talented and spiritual person, someone who I can relate in terms of work and personality. She invited me over to her beautiful home/studio, but time didn’t allow at the time, after seeing this photos of their space and her with Alvaro, (the other half of Hados), I will make sure to come along next time. I LOVE it, this is what I need back home, a big airy and bright room where to work and keep meeting interesting people, who are working very hard towards achieving a good balance life, doing what they love and remaining true to their values.
Elena and Alvaro, were both artists before they met, (you can check their artwork in their respective blogs), and slowly started to work together on Hados, a joint project, where their art and skills come together. Hados is about integrity and beauty, all the pieces are handmade, with the best quality materials, and equality gorgeous. 
The hair clips (Bombom de seda) are made of silks and titanium, more styles at the shop.
My favorite pieces are the rings, I am going to save some cash to treat myself with one. This pieces remind me of the volcano and mountain landscapes we have in the islands. 
Photos by onphotos.es

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  1. Thanks Margarita, The post is beautifull. We are so happy that you have felt our essence and write this about us.
    Kisses!!! elenadehados & alvarodehados

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