Gubi is in my wish list

Gubi is in my wish list
24 April, 2012 Chocolate Creative

Hola hola, nice weekend? Mine was spent sanding and stripping layers of paint from some old pieces of furniture I recently bought, in between sporadic rain over the two days. You see, when your budget is quite reduced and you have to choose between an Ikea plan chest that you have to assemble yourself (I dislike this very much) or an old Victorian chest that will gain value within the years, but it is in a desperate state of restoring, I choose the second. But after 2 days of sore hands, arms, back and legs, I am not sure I have chosen the right pieces, Ikea would have done just fine.

To the contrary if I had a lot of money kept underneath my mattress I would happily get some of Gubi‘s pieces.  The chairs and lamps have kept me dreaming for sometime now. I guess my style is define by my budget, if this last one was much bigger I would choose cleaner, and more contemporary pieces, all mix up with some of my old favorites. What about you? What style do you go for? do you tend to compromise much when it comes to decorating your home?

By the way I am in love with the styling too, well done Gubi and its designers!
(Images Gubi)

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  1. So chic!

    Lovely blog!


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