Gorgeous industrial desk and other beauties…

Gorgeous industrial desk and other beauties…
10 January, 2011 Chocolate Creative
Back from my weekend at the other side of the island, it is so far away…the roads are terrible, with more curves than my stomach can cope with, but worth the trip as the town ‘La Aldea’ is lovely and peaceful, surrounding by fields and impressive mountains. Went to the beach and had delicious fresh fish in between helping my friend with his house. Still so much to be done…

First time I visited him, he took me to a huge garage with tones of things and still managed to spot this industrial desk, full of dust, at the bak of it. As soon as I saw it I knew I had found a gem!! It is in perfect state, and must date back to the 50’s. The lamp and clock are from Ikea, (I predict these two items to became a ‘must have’, they have great designs).

Are these rabbit and mushroom not lovely?? they are made of white porcelain, and got them from my favorite shop in the island, “Showroom”, Love them!!

He gave me this old iron, don’t know the exact origin of it, maybe from the islands??, It dates back to the the beginning of 1900’s, I love the texture and engraves on it.

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  1. I can see why you fell in love with the white desk – I love the steel top. That iron is so full of character too – it took many years to shape that handle.
    Great images.
    I x

  2. que escritorio mas bonito<! me chifla! gracias por pasarte por mi blog i comentar! Un placer descubrir el tuyo y las maravillosas cositas que diseñas y creas!

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