Give a lamp – La Lampe Gras range

Give a lamp – La Lampe Gras range
15 February, 2012 Chocolate Creative
I have always had a tendency to collect things, some of them are on a small budget, like old china, vintage memorially, etc…but when it comes to chairs and lamps, I can’t help it, I always end up wanting very expensive items. I learned about La Lampe Gras, at the Home show, they had a stand not far from mine, and I pop in to admire the selection of functional yet beautiful lamps they had on display, needless to say I could have bought a few if I had the money. These photos are just a few of the great selection you can find in their site, very good styling by the way, don’t you think? 
(Photos La Lampe Gras)

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  1. Excellent modern desk lamps, i like them…

  2. now have complete lamp envy…thanks for sharing xx

  3. Great chrome lamps!

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